Business Consultancy


ERP Implementation Audit

We provide our Audit service to overcome ERP Implementations Issues based on our Experience and Expertise Software Architecture.Our experience shows that a successful project is result of detailed and well-established architecture, if you are facing problem like poor quality or slow time to market than you need expert to help in designing correct architecture for your software project.

Code Quality Management

It is better to understand the quality of code for your software in order to make sure it is delivering the quality and capable of meeting your project goals. Code review from Shiv IT International Solutions provides you necessary SWOT analysis on code quality, maintainability and possible threats and performance bottlenecks.

Project Management

In today’s business scenario it is important to focus on the core business while keep the technology used in business up to date. This result into spanning several business critical projects but it is being non-core business one should leave the management of such project to the team of experts who can deliver results.

Business Consultancy

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