Tally Plus

“Tally Plus” is a third party integration tool which is bridge between Tally and your Existing Application, It doesn’t matter in which technology you have purchased your application or even if you are maintaining your data in Excel.

Integration Solutions are designed to ensure that the existing investments in Software (ERP, Legacy and other Enterprise systems) remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise, as well as with Companies with whom the business deals with.

To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information systems need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, provide right-time visibility of transactions across the entire enterprise and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business.

When more and more information needs to be shared across traditional business boundaries, the way you integrate your systems and processes is rapidly becoming one of the most important priorities in business today.

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Tally Plus

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